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    Peng Lu

    Windows Kinect V2 will be released on July 15, 2014. Does recontructme already support the new hardware ?



    kinect v2 is already delivered – and it’s working really great so far :-)
    Is there any news on ReconstructMe supporting this new kinect version?



    Would love to know this as well


    Matt Bauer

    I am VERY interested in purchasing a version of ReconstructMe that supports Kinect for Windows V2! Need an Alpha or Beta tester? I’d be willing to put in some time for ya.


    Fred Kahl

    +1 on this request! I have my Kinect 2 for Windows in hand. Sounds like Microsoft’s Windows Builder is in the works to do this as well, but I want to support ReMe if it supports this hardware! I will be a heavy Beta tester if you need one!


    bart rogers

    Apparently no one is paying attention to this request. How hard could it be to support K2? Is there any more development being done on this product to bring it up to date?


    Tobby Ryan

    I too wouldn’t mind testing as well.

    Please let us know the progress on the Kinect v2.


    Matt Bauer

    Well, I think Bart Rogers is right… they seem to have dropped interest in developing this area. Shame, because it looked like there was a semi-working prototype in the works. Those of us w/ the “v2 for Windows” & running Win 8.1 have access to the Fusion 2.0 SDK. Might also want to check out Microsoft 3D Builder on the MS App Store.


    Harald Bauer

    We are still not supporting the Kinect2, which is not due to the fact that integrating the camera is hard, but has much more todo with effects we see in the 3D depth data the camera delivers. We currently observe strong deformations of planar surfaces which we attribute to the Time-Of-Flight measuring principle used in the new Kinect v2 version. The deformations make precise scanning currently impossible.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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