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    I have a Kinect xbox with power adapter, a Dell Vostro i5 laptop with GeForce 310M. I have ReconstructMe 2.5.1034 x64. I have installed the v1.8 Kinect SDK and there are four Kinect devices that appear in the device manager (Audio, Camera, Device and Security). I have installed the latest version GeForce 310M drivers with OpenCL.dll . I run ReconstructMe and it finds the Kinect but it then gets stuck showing “Setup is updating…” endlessly. In the log it shows that the last lines are:

    —- LOG —
    Sensor mskinect#6 opened.
    Auto-tuned volume resolution set to (256,256,256)
    Auto-tuned volume truncation to 19.531
    Auto-tuned disabled depthmap/colormap erosion.
    Setting up for device GeForce 310M (NVIDIA Corporation) running version 342.01
    — /LOG —

    Have I missed something? Anything I can do to get this working?

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