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    Fred Kahl

    So I have finally upgraded to V2 on my new Windows 8.1 laptop and have some initial feedback based on using it in production last weekend:

    Feature Request: Ability to use a key command to toggle between color texture data and just the geometry data to make it easier to see how the geometry looks before saving a scan. This is a major drawback with the new version IMO. Its really a pain to have to inspect the scan’s geometry in another application every time.

    The New Scan/ Finish buttons are very small- especially on a touch screen. These buttons should be much larger and have more space between them. They need to be optimized for touch as well as desktop. On more than one occasion I have hit the new scan button by accident when I meant to save the file. A much larger finish button is greatly needed.

    When defining a scan volume I wish I could also type a value in the numeric field. The sliders are hard to adjust to say an even 1200mm.

    I love the spin feature, but its very hard to control. I wish this was slightly easier to do, particularly from a touchscreen interface. Perhaps an auto rotate button? Or just tweaking the behavior. Also it would be good if the spin was centered on the scanned mass as opposed to centered on the scan volume area.

    I would also like an auto center button when viewing the scan. Occasionally, I will spin the mouse button and zoom way out or spin and completely lose the model in the window. I can still save it, but need to open it in another program to view as I have lost the preview in the ReMe window and can no longer find it.

    This is still my #1 choice for 3D scanning and I’m anxiously awaiting a Kinect 2 update (hint, Hint!)
    Keep up the great work!


    Fred Kahl

    One more thing- I notice that when I scan the rings of holes in the mesh are colored with bright green polygons. Is there or could there be an option to turn this off or select what color to use?

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