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    Hi, I downloaded trial version of Reconstructme. I have HP Pavilion DV6 laptop with nVidia Geforce GT 630M graphic card inside. I watched some video where I saw that it was possible to create 3d with laptop. Unfortunately when I start ReconstructMe I get an error “Computation device update failed: source\robvis\lib_openclbridge\project.cpp(175):Throw in function class cl::Program__thiscall LibOpenCLBridge::Project::compile::…. ” I don’t know location of actual log file otherwise I would copy paste it here. Namely I was not sure what is actually required in order to run RecontructMe so I downloaded Kinect drivers, openNI …. Can you please help. I would also need what I need to install on my laptop in order to get this work.
    I appreciate any help because I am rather new in this area.



    I now saw that ReconstructMe sets itself for the integrated HD graphics intel HD 4000, and not for nVidia 630M, how is that possible??



    i’m getting the same error. a help would be appreciated. thanks!



    SDK? Change the device in your source code, as explained here:!topic/reconstructmesdk/IQVpw8bHrro . I added this line: reme_options_set_int(c, o, "device_id", 2); where 2 is the number of my Nvidia card. Obviously, the number may be different for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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