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    Does anyone know if the reconstructme sdk can support using mulitple Realsense r200 cameras simultaneously? We are able to install and use one r200 camera but as soon as we add the second sensor fails to open with a “failed to initialize Realsense pipeline” which makes me think that support for multiple r200 cameras may not be available with the current version (2.5.1034) of the sdk.

    Further does anyone know all of the camera’s that can be supported in multi-camera environment? We would like to add additional (more than 2) Asus Xtion Pro-live camera’s but they are not available anywhere! So we are looking for an alternative.

    The hardware and software we are using is listed below. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 980
    CPU: AMD 8350 8 cores

    Sensors: 2- Asus Xtion Pro-live cameras


    Video Driver : 355.82 – Can’t get latest because it is will only work with win1 and it doesn’t seem that the sdk supports win10 right now

    ReconstructmeSDK – 2.3.958

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