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    Heath Barker

    I have a reasonably powerful notebook (CPU: i7-2720QM, GPU: GTX 485M, 250GB SSD) and am getting good scans when my notebook is plugged in. However, when unplugged and running on battery my laptop graphics and processing drop significantly (this is normal and cannot be changed) and scans fail miserably.

    So my question is, is anyone successfully using a laptop/notebook on battery power to do scans and if so, what are you using?

    Thanks, Heath


    Christoph Heindl

    We had the same issue with a previous notebook of ours. Basically the GPU was forced to operate slower when unplugged. You can try to change the power settings of the notebook and your GPU.

    Our current notebook does not show this behaviour.


    Heath Barker

    Hi Christoph, Would you be able to tell me the specifications of your laptop? I am particulary interested in the brand, model, gpu, cpu, power supply (for example 19V 5A). I plan to purchase one specially for 3D scanning.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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