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    I decided to buy a new laptop a few months ago, so I could use it for scanning. I bought the highest spec I could afford. Details below.

    Win8 64
    i7 4710HQ
    GTX 860M
    8 gig ram

    Sensor Primesense 1.09

    When scanning it starts ok, but then after about 2 seconds the screen pauses for about 2-3 seconds, then starts up again, but of course the scan has jumped and it is ruined.

    I’ve used task manager to see if anything is pegging, but both the CPU and RAM seem to have plenty of head room 70% or less usage.

    Now this happens if I use reme or Artec studio, so I am thinking it is either driver related or something else I am missing. Artec reports 30FPS btw.

    Incidentally it works fine on my desktop i5 GTS 560 system, which on paper is actually lower spec.

    Any ideas ? Something I can try ? Because I’m out of ideas.





    OK, so I think I found the problem. Simple enough. Not enough light! I put a large spotlight on the subject and the scan worked perfectly! Seems the sensor was struggling.

    So how many of you use a light attached to the scanner ? Or a dedicated light and diffuser ?


    Christoph Heindl


    we actually use normal day light for scanning. When scanning in dark rooms, the auto-exposure time increases leading to longer per-frame times.




    Well seems my carmine 1.08 might be faulty. I plugged in an Asus (1.09) and Reme works perfectly. Consistently getting 30 fps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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