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    Microsoft has finally put a release date and price on the Kinect for Windows V2:

    Does the current release of Reconstruct Me fully support this Kinect version, or will there be another compatibility release?



    I’ve also seen kinect 2 is avaliable for pre-order.
    Will you release a Reconstructme version with kinect 2 compatibility for July 15 ?
    If so, i’ll buy one instantly !



    Hi just got a Kinect v2 sensor but I dont know if this works with it any plans to get it to work? nice program would buy it if it works with Kinect v2 for windows take care



    My kinect V2 should be arriving any day now, any word on v2 suport???



    My V2 sensor arrived a few weeks ago. Excited to try it out and see the quality difference. Any info on when this sensor will be supported will be appreciated. Thanks for all the awesome work you guys do :)



    I tried latest SDK and it didn’t support Kinetic v2.

    Any update on this version

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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