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    Dennis Hogevliet

    I was wondering If you guys could upload an early preview of the new sensor supporting version of reconstruct me, I could really use this for my internship at a small fablab. I’ve been working on a full body 3D scanner and your software could be my saviour. You see, when I saw the video of reconstruct me working with the new kinect I was delighted. I was hoping that a download whould be on the site already but there wasn’t. Thats why I ask you this. Can you please give us early access to your software. It will only be used non-commercially.


    Dennis Hogevliet

    I’m pretty sure this is allowed however you can’t ask money for it yet. I’ve seen lots of people sharing their code and their programs.
    I wish you best of luck during the development of the new software.

    Kind regards, Dennis.


    Christoph Heindl

    Hi Dennis,

    yes. we’ve been told so. I think it is a precaution our company takes.




    Hi, Christoph:
    When will ReconstructMe For v2 release?
    I just want to try it on the human body scanning



    kinect v2 is already delivered – and it’s working really great so far :-)
    Is there any news on ReconstructMe for this??


    Scott Bell

    Hi there, Checking in on ETA for release of Reconstructme that will work with the Kinect v2.
    Any news to share? It has been a while since last update.



    I installed kinetic v2 preview SDK and latest ReconstructMe and it was unable to detect the sensor.

    Does this support kinect v2 ?



    yes, could be great to have some news about kinect V2 compatibility….



    Second that, even rough ETA will be great!



    Hi Guys,
    I’m also interested to use your software with the new Microsoft Kinetic for Windows V2.

    Is there a Roadmap whenn this will be availibale – or is it possible to get a beta-Version for testing before?

    Best regards



    I’d really like to know about this too.

    While i’ve enjoy a lot reconstructme since first betas, i just need a bit more scan details to fit my need.
    Hope kinectV2 will give this.

    First kinectV2+ReMe video from profactor was published 20 dec 2013, and still no news about release date…

    Please enlighten us !



    Don’t you just hate when people, instead of giving at least a negative response, they just choose to ignore you?

    I think is really annoying and rude!



    Well it looks like KScan3D just released their Kinect v2 update, so they are the first, non-MS company to support the new device. Hear’s hoping that ReconstructMe will be supporting it in the near future. Or at least give us some updates on progress or holdup.


    Paul Kramer

    OK, I just received my kinect v2 and I though that it will work with reconstruct me.
    But for now the software is incompatible with the kinect v2.
    Many people will have now a chance to use they xbox one kinect, because Microsoft announced a PC-adapter for that device. That will be all new potential clients for you.

    For my requirements I need some more details in the 3D-Scannings, I hope the kinect V2 will enhance the 3D scan quality a bit.

    I am also an customer of reconstruct me.
    I bought one of the first versions of reconstruct me some years ago.
    Please let us know when we will get an update.

    Many thanks in advance.


    Paul Kramer

    Ah And I sold my old Kinect, so Scanning for me is now not possible any more.



    I was searching for free 3d scanner for Kinect for windows v2.
    When will this ReconstructMe release the version that will support this
    kicent v2. There is one from windows store that is call “3D builder”
    i does not support any OS But windows 8.1
    So pls update this software to support the kinect V2.



    Thomas Pönitz

    At the moment there are no plans to support kinect v2. See here for details.

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