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    I am a newbie in 3d reconstruction. I tested several example codes and read the online document, but I could not find how to change input image (RGB) resolution. Default setting seems to be 640*480 for both RGB and Depth. I know Kinect for windows can work at 1280*1024, 12fps. How can I change the input image resolution? Do I need to do that using functions in Kinect SDK or OpenNI and then apply reme_functions?



    Dear junsmog,

    you’re right, the sensor is able to produce RGB images of higher resolution. But the maximum Resolution for this sensor is about 1280×960.

    You can apply this setting by simply set the following option in textformat:

    aux_stream {
      type: STREAM_COLOR
      image_size {
        width: 1280
        height: 960

    or in your program:

    reme_options_t options;
    reme_options_create(context, &ooptions);
    reme_sensor_bind_capture_options(context, sensor, options);
    reme_options_set_int(context, options, "aux_stream.image_size.width", 1280);
    reme_options_set_int(context, options, "aux_stream.image_size.height", 960);
    reme_sensor_apply_capture_options(context, sensor, options)
    reme_options_destroy(context, &o);


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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