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    im trying to change the wite_balance of my Kinect 360 Sensor. But the Value of White Balance wont change. Any idea, why theres no change? Not even an Error. It just prints the default value of 4500.

    reme_options_t o;
    reme_options_create(c, &o);
    reme_sensor_bind_capture_options(c, o, s);
    reme_options_clear(c, o);
    reme_options_set_bool(c, o, "auto_white_balance", false);
    reme_options_set_int(c, o, "white_balance", 3000);
    reme_sensor_apply_capture_options(c, s, o);
    void change_white_balance(reme_context_t c, reme_sensor_t s, reme_options_t o, int white_balance) {
        reme_sensor_bind_capture_options(c, s, o);
        int prev_white_balance;
        reme_options_get_int(c, o, "white_balance", &prev_white_balance);
        reme_options_clear(c, o);
        reme_options_set_int(c, o, "white_balance", prev_white_balance + white_balance);
        reme_sensor_apply_capture_options(c, s, o);
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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