ReconstructMeQt and Speech Recognition

If you are using ReconstructMeQt on a Windows 7 PC, you will be happy to hear that our application can be controlled by speech commands, essentially freeing you from having your fingers at the keyboard while scanning. Here is how it works.

Most sensors carry single microphones or an entire microphone-array. Using Windows speech recognition one can translate spoken commands to key-press events. We’ve created a speech recognition macro file that maps the following voice commands to keystrokes:

  • ReconstructMe Start – CTRL+P
  • ReconstructMe Stop – CTRL+P
  • ReconstructMe Reset – CTRL+R
  • ReconstructMe Save – CTRL+S

The following PDF file contains has the required instructions for setting this up.

The speech recognition macro can be downloaded from the link below.


1 1.02 KB 431 downloads

Have fun reconstructing!

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